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Medium: Stainless steel and glass

Dimensions: 82.5" high x 79" wide x 2" deep

Kiko Lopez is one of the few artisans today using generations-old glass-making techniques, such as the special application of silver in glass. This large mirror exhibits his mastery of these near-forgotten practises—Lopez’s particular dedication to employing age old methods to create singular and innovative works of art.

While steeped in tradition, his work is also influenced by abstract artists such as Sean Scully, Mark Rothko, and the Korean minimalist Yun Hyong-keun. For the last twelve years he has focused on fabricating tableau mirrors—or what he calls “shadow drawings”—manipulating applications of watery, silver mixtures of glass to create reflective surfaces rich with gradations of shadow, color, and patina-like impressions. This large mirror exhibits Lopez's mastery of the near-forgotten practise, as well as his dedication to employing age old methods to create singular, innovative and contemporary works of art.

Of his mirrors, Lopez says, "I’m interested in the tension between empty and full, object and space. Dark areas usually represent empty space and light areas the object, but in these works, they are ambiguous. Lighter areas may be monoliths or passages, darker areas doors or background. I’m fascinated by the way reflections move with the light in constantly changing, mirrored dimensions."

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