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Michel Salerno

"Histoire de Voir," Unique Handmade Mirror

France, 2013

MS 03


Medium: Iron and polished stainless steel

Dimensions: 9 in diameter x 2.5 in deep

Michel Salerno, a master metal-smith born in Nice, has been a professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts for twenty-five years. Using centuries-old techniques, and evoking motifs older still, Salerno produces work that, nonetheless, is strikingly contemporary. This innovative character is managed by reflection. While the pieces are framed in classically lush, bronze details, often depicting natural subjects, the 'mirrors' themselves are dark, opaque, or dappled, and produce at best an irresolute image. In effect, the pieces draw a stark contrast between the timeless quality of art and the fleeting nature of all else.  

Signed and dated: Salerno, 2013
Inscribed with title: Histoire de voir
Marked with edition: 1/1

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