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Medium: Guilford granite

Dimensions for Element 1: Height: 47" - Width: 10" - Depth: 8"
Dimensions for Element 2: Height: 50" - Width: 10" - Depth: 8"

Sculpted in the late eighties, these unique pieces exemplify the manner in which the groundbreaking Korean American artist Yongjin Han gently works granite into remarkably serene compositions.

Yongjin Han put very little stock in designations; his focus, instead, was on the stone itself. His pieces explore a certain harmonization with nature. Han, when describing his work, said, "As stone has been around since the beginning of time, it has much to teach us if we care to slow down and listen." He believed that each stone has its own history, character, and energy and that his task was to draw out these inherently spiritual qualities. He described his process as a “dialogue” with his material: "The stone tells me it has an itch in a certain spot, so I scratch it—and we both feel better!"

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