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Hazarian table

Aline Hazarian graduated with a degree in Interior Design with an emphasis on Art History in 1995. In the succeeding years she changed tracks to finance, taking over the accounts of her family business, but never lost her passion for design. The field, which remained the focus of her frequent travels, drove her to major art fairs and museums around the globe—and at last, in 2015, with the encouragement of her husband and twins (who share her passion for design) Hazarian turned her hand to furniture.

She quickly settled upon bronze as her primary medium, drawn by the evolving nature of its patinas and the ways subtle shifts of perspective and light can alter its appearance. What’s more, of the durable materials available, Hazarian found bronze unusual for its capacity to take the dynamic shapes she imagined.

Her work has been inspired by the great aesthetic movements of the 19th and 20th Centuries, particularly Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Qualities from both find their way into her sober yet striking pieces—thoroughly modern, cosmopolitan creations that eschew fashion in favor of a more timeless approach.

Hazarian’s first major project was the redecoration of her Paris apartment on Avenue Marceau, facing the Arc de Triomphe. The work gave her inestimable insights into furniture design—especially in capturing the decorum and soul of a space with a piece or an arrangement. She has since created approximately 20 designs (for coffee tables, consoles, and lights in limited quantities, handcrafted by artisans) that adorn a handful of collectors’ homes in Paris, Saint-Tropez, Beirut, and Dubai. These pieces have a very clear and distinctive style. They are more often than not characterized by their distinct interwoven forms—forms that curve and bend and are covered in multicolored patinas. They have a timeless character meant to fit seamlessly into any contemporary or classical home, and inject character and story alike wherever they are found.

Hazarian splits her time between Paris and Dubai, and is represented by Maison Gerard New York.

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