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STACKABL is a new configurator that anyone can use to design furniture online, and, more important still, an innovative system that turns waste into wonders. All of the furniture designed in the configurator is constructed by regional specialists according to available resources. In response to the colors, dimensions, and finishes selected, layers of high quality felt offcuts are identified by STACKABL's algorithms and cut with the aid of robotics. 

An exciting new collaboration between Maison Gerard and STACKABL has produced a playful collection of furniture that explores how technology can inform the future of design.

With no brief to draw from, other than to work within the parameters set by the configurator, the six designers chosen were free to realize their own visions. The result is a striking array of characterful works that belong to both past and future.

Pulling from a vast range of historical, contemporary, and personal references, from Louis XVI to Brad Davis and many more unlikely muses in-between, this body of work demonstrates the endless possibilities at the intersection of design, technology and circular manufacturing, where the imagination takes hold.

To create your very own desing in the configurator, visit

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