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blixt ceramics

Oskar Yngve Blixt was born in Höganäs in 1920. Following studies at Albin Hamberg, he began his career working at Höganäsbolaget. In 1949 started his own studio nearby, producing souvenirs for the tourist trade.

By the 1960s, he had mastered his craft, and was a known expert in his discipline, and by the time of his death in 1981 he was pivotal part of a regional collective which included Claes Thell, Ann Jansson, and Henning Nilssonsome, among other luminaries of Sweden's ceramic community.

His experimentation with various materials and glazes was as inventive as his attention to technique and form were rigorous. Many of his best, and most notable works were produced in the latter part of his illustrious career—glazed works speckled like beautiful stones and often as fluid in form as water suspended in midair.

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