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MR Architecture + Decor Book Launch

Maison Gerard

New York, NY

April 20, 2017

Press Release

MR Architecture + Decor’s work is driven by the belief that close collaborations with clients lead to personalized and intimate homes. Founded by designer and architect David Mann, the New York–based studio is known as much for its signature, chic modernity and dedication to quality as it is for its sensitivity to the unique needs of each individual project. MR Architecture + Decor (Abrams; April 11, 2017; U.S. $60.00; Hardcover), the first monograph on the firm, features eighteen projects, with more than two hundred photographs of some of their most gorgeous residential work. Each project is in described in detail, focusing on a design process that emanates from a deep partnership with the client.  MR Architecture + Decor celebrates an architecture and interior design firm whose variety and depth of work demonstrates the power of creativity and collaboration.

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